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Why Use Rescheck Review?

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Rescheck Review...

...specializes in ensuring that new homes comply with either the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) or the National Energy Code.  We conduct inspections to verify that building officials adhere to these standards focusing on aspects, like insulation and window dimensions. A Rescheck covers a range of property types, including apartments, condos and multifamily buildings, and we stay informed about building codes to anticipate any issues.


By reviewing your project we aim to prevent complications and provide you with guidance for construction. Using an UA calculation method Rescheck determines the U Factor for each building by comparing it to structures based on measurements. Compliance with the UA Code is determined if your building aligns closely with others in terms of numbers. Additionally, we at Rescheck Review offer pricing based on the size of your project tailoring costs to fit your requirements and construction needs while assisting with any features you may want. With our expertise, we ensure that your project meets the stringent standards outlined by the IECC, no matter which code year your jurisdiction may fall under.  The latest version is the current 2021 IECC standard.

Rescheck Review approaches additions in the same manner as how we handle other construction projects. By utilizing computer modeling we at Rescheck Review evaluate building projects, which can be a task, due to the need to adhere to national guidelines. The experienced professionals here at Rescheck Review aim to alleviate this stress for clients by offering our expertise. Non-compliance with building codes could result in fines or significant delays; an outcome we aim to prevent.

Regarding the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code), given that buildings consume amounts of energy, there is a push within companies to enhance Energy Efficiency in residential buildings. Architects turn to the IECC for guidance on efficiency standards related to walls, floors, windows, lighting, and ceilings, in construction projects. Regularly revisited by officials nationwide every year, the IECC evolves alongside advancements that influence building design processes each year. The primary goal of the IECC is to ensure that new constructions meet safety and Energy Efficiency requirements.

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