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The Basics

Having precise and budget-friendly Manual J & Rescheck reports is essential for any homeowner or contractor embarking on a remodeling project. 

Rescheck and Manual J Report
Manual J

A Manual J involves calculating energy efficiency to determine heat loss or gain through a house's walls and roof while a Rescheck ensures energy compliance with building codes. These reports guarantee that your home is energy efficient leading to long-term cost savings. By obtaining accurate and affordable Manual J & Rescheck reports you can be confident that your remodeling project will comply with regulations and be cost-effective.

Manual J

These reports also ensure that HVAC systems are installed correctly and safely. The Manual J Load Calculation, an aspect of the report determines the HVAC system size needed for your building by considering factors like climate zone, insulation, window sizes among others. It is advisable to engage a professional or use software to ensure accurate calculations.


A Rescheck Report consolidates all calculations and details into one, comprehensive document, for your convenience.


This report can assist in reducing your energy expenses over time and offer reassurance that your HVAC system is functioning at its best. The precision of these reports considers various environmental factors like climate, insulation, windows and air quality. Additionally they are budget friendly, by optimizing energy use in areas to save on long term energy costs.

For more information about Reschecks, click here.

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