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What is RESNET?

Updated: Jun 7

What is RESNET?

RESNET or Residential Energy Services Network

It is a non-profit organization based in the US. The company works to develop and implement energy efficiency standards for residential buildings. They have two main goals, one being promoting energy-efficient homes by establishing national standards, offering training and certification to professionals. The other aim is to provide every resource possible in order to improve the energy performance in residential buildings.


Here are some key aspects of RESNET:

Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

This system was developed by RESNET and it’s used to assess and compare energy efficiency and find ways to improve it. The HERS index provides a numerical rating, with lower scores indicating higher energy consumption. Potential buyers, homeowners, and builders can use this index to find the most efficient home.

Certification of Professionals

Professionals need certification in order to work with RESNET as they are very determined on providing the best service for their customers.

Energy Efficiency Standards

In 2014 RESNET decided it was time for an upgrade on their regulations, they added more strict protocols that cover virtually every aspect related to building homes.

Quality Assurance

For obvious reasons quality assurance is important, we even see companies like Tesla randomly checking their vehicles by sending updates remotely. As you’d expect from a company like RESNET, quality assurance is very strict.

Education and Outreach

Even if a product or service is perfect but people don’t know about it what’s really the point? That’s why RESNET goes out of its way to reach out to anyone involved in any aspect of building homes or auditing energy consumption.

Green Building Initiatives

Another partnership I’ve been seeing quite often recently is different organizations working together towards a similar goal. RESNET works with many organizations that focus on sustainable building practices.

As you can see from all of this information, RESNET does a lot for consumers and even more than we covered here. Building a home isn’t that hard but building it with efficient energy is very difficult, RESNET makes it a little less stressful and we have to thank them for that.

For more information, visit RESNET at:


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