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What is an example of a Rescheck?

A Rescheck isn't a document but rather a tool used to create a detailed report, on the energy efficiency of a building design. This report evaluates how the building design aligns with energy efficiency standards (https;//

Rescheck Example

What a typical Rescheck example involves.

Software Program

Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) this program ensures that new buildings meet the energy efficiency criteria outlined in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).


Architects, builders, and engineers utilize this tool to input details about the building design, such as location, size, and materials used. The software then computes the building's energy efficiency levels.

Report Creation

Based on these computations Rescheck generates a report indicating whether the building design complies with energy code requirements. If not it highlights areas needing improvement for compliance.

A Rescheck example report typically consists of two sections;


These technical parts explain how the software determined the energy efficiency rating, which may not be easily understandable, by everyone.


This section offers a summary often presented in a style indicating whether various aspects of the building design align with the code requirements. It is particularly useful for building officials looking to conduct a review.

Going Beyond Minimum Standards

While Rescheck ensures adherence to codes it can also help enhance a building's energy performance beyond what's strictly required. This could result in savings on utility costs for the building owner over time.

Rescheck and Complementary Reports

Rescheck is commonly used alongside software tools in building design, such as Manual J (for heating and cooling load calculations) and Manual S (for duct design). These additional reports may be necessary to gain an understanding of the building's energy efficiency.

To put it simply think of Rescheck as an energy consumption calculator for buildings based on their designs. The generated report pinpoints areas where enhancements can be made to ensure energy efficiency.

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