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What are Rescheck and Manual J Calculation Reports?

Updated: Mar 17

Rescheck and Manual J Calculation Reports are important components of new home construction that help to ensure building compliance and energy efficiency.

Manual J Calculation Reports

A Rescheck report is a document that is required by building code officials in many areas, especially for residential construction projects. It is essentially an energy compliance report that details whether or not the proposed building design meets the minimum requirements for energy efficiency as outlined in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Rescheck reports include information such as insulation R-values, window types and U-values, and HVAC system specifications.

On the other hand, a Manual J Calculation report is a calculation of the heating and cooling load of the home. This report determines the correct size and specifications for the HVAC system. A Manual J Calculation report factors in a variety of variables, such as the home's size, orientation, insulation levels, and window areas. It is an important component of ensuring that a home is comfortable and energy efficient.

Together, Rescheck and Manual J Calculation reports provide a comprehensive understanding of a home's energy efficiency and compliance with building codes. Without these reports, homeowners may face problems with regulatory agencies or have issues with their home's performance. In the following sections, we will explore why compliance with building codes and energy efficiency are so important and how these reports can help ensure that they are achieved.


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