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Simplifying Residential Energy Code Compliance with Rescheck-Web

Updated: Jun 7

In the construction industry balancing functionality, aesthetics, and regulatory compliance is crucial. Energy codes are particularly important in building to ensure homes are both comfortable and energy efficient. Rescheck-Web steps in to make compliance easier for builders, designers, contractors, and inspectors.


What is Rescheck-Web?

Rescheck-Web is a web-based tool developed by the Department of Energy Building Energy Codes Program. It simplifies the verification process to determine if a new home, addition, or renovation meets the standards set by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) or state energy codes.

Why Choose Rescheck-Web?

Here are some advantages of using Rescheck-Web.


Say goodbye to downloads and installations – Rescheck-Web can be accessed through any web browser on any device, with an internet connection.


By automating trade-off calculations Rescheck-Web saves time and effort when verifying compliance.


This software ensures that your designs comply with energy code regulations reducing the chances of delays or revisions during construction.


Rescheck-Web caters, to a range of users within the construction industry including builders, designers, plan checkers and inspectors.

Getting Started with Rescheck-Web

Using Rescheck-Web is simple. Just visit the Department of Energy's Building Energy Codes Program website. Sign up for an account. The site also provides a beginner's guide to help you understand how to use its features.

Going Beyond the Basics

While Rescheck-Web is great for ensuring compliance it also offers functionalities.

User Profiles

 Set up a profile to manage your contact details and grant project access to others involved in the construction process.

Project Management

Keep your projects organized on the platform for retrieval and reference.


The Future of Residential Construction

As the emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency grows, Rescheck-Web remains a resource that will play a role in the residential construction sector. With evolving building codes Rescheck-Web will support a transition by assisting, for future versions of the IECC and state codes.

Therefore, if you're engaged in constructing energy homes consider using Rescheck-Web as your go-to tool.

With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features Rescheck-Web offers a way to simplify the compliance process and ensure that your projects adhere to the highest energy efficiency standards.

Exploring the Added Value of Rescheck-Web, for Residential Building Projects

Enhancing Design Choices

Rescheck-Web serves as more than a checklist for compliance. It serves as a tool for optimizing your designs to enhance energy performance. Here's how.

Exploring Scenarios

Experiment with design options using the software. Observe how adjustments in insulation levels, window placements or HVAC systems impact the energy efficiency rating. This enables you to make choices that can save homeowners energy.

Assessing Cost Effectiveness

While certain energy-efficient features may entail a cost hike, Rescheck-Web assists in evaluating long-term benefits. The software can project energy cost savings, over the home’s lifespan empowering you to advocate sustainable upgrades to homeowners.

Collaboration and Communication

Rescheck-Web encourages teamwork, among parties involved in the construction process.

Sharing Project Access

Allow architects, engineers and other consultants access to your project on Rescheck-Web. This promotes dialogue. Ensures everyone is aligned on energy efficiency objectives.

Effective Communication with Inspectors

Lower Energy Usage

Dwellings constructed to meet energy standards consume energy resulting in reduced utility expenses for homeowners and a smaller carbon footprint.

Enhanced Comfort

Energy-efficient houses are typically more comfortable throughout the year due to insulation and air sealing providing residents with a living experience.

Increased Property Value

Rescheck-Web offers more, than a way to ensure compliance; it serves as a resource, for builders, designers, and individuals engaged in developing energy-efficient residential endeavors. By utilizing its functions you can enhance designs, facilitate communication, and play a part in promoting a future for the construction sector.

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