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What Makes a REScheck Report Useful for Business Owners

Updated: Jun 7

A REScheck is a type of building inspection which results in a report with information about what the inspector sees, how it should be fixed, and what impact this will have on the heating and cooling systems. Although there are many reasons to get a REScheck done, including general upkeep or interest in home improvement projects, one particular reason stands out for business owners. Individual clients are not the only ones who benefit from REScheck reports; business owners also rely on RESchecks. The following are various reasons why they do so.

General Upkeep of HVAC Systems Leads to Better System Performance, Which Might Increase Revenue

A commercial building's heating and cooling system is a crucial part of keeping the building comfortable for employees and customers, but it only works optimally if the recommended maintenance has been done. A REScheck report taps into the knowledge of highly-experienced technicians who know how to keep an HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. By using this information, business owners can ensure that their buildings are as comfortable as possible, which means that employees and customers will stay happy. Better HVAC system performance might lead to increased revenue for business.

A Rescheck Can Spotlight Problems with a Building's Heating and Cooling System Which Might Be Costly if Ignored

A REScheck report highlights what is working well with a building's heating and cooling system and what isn't. Some of the problems might be small and inexpensive to fix; others might be more serious and expensive. Spotting such discrepancies as early as possible ensures no loss in revenue due to an inefficient heating and cooling system, which could otherwise happen if a problem is ignored.

HVAC System Fixes Mentioned in a Rescheck Report Could Save Money Which Would Otherwise be Spent on an Unnecessary Replacement

Many commercial buildings are old, meaning that the heating and cooling systems have run for at least 10 or 20 years. There is no telling what kind of wear and tear it has gone through over such a long period. A REScheck report highlights what needs to be done to fix an HVAC system and whether it should be fixed or replaced. Fixing the parts that no longer work properly would save money that might otherwise go into replacing an outdated and inefficient system with a completely new one, thus freeing up funds for other business endeavors.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Can Only Be Promoted Through Reschecks

Prevention is always easier and more cost-effective than cure when it comes to maintenance. By hiring a credible REScheck service, business owners can ensure that their heating and cooling systems remain in good condition for as long as possible, so the company's revenue is not affected by unexpected repairs or replacements. RESchecks can thus optimize a building's productivity and ultimately help the business make more money.

RESchecks are a good way for business owners to protect their investment because their information can inform smart decisions on what needs to be done with a heating and cooling system. If nothing is done, the problem might escalate into more serious issues, resulting in an even greater expense. An experienced technician uses special equipment to inspect an HVAC system to highlight existing problems, recorded in a REScheck report. The information in the paper can help business owners better maintain their heating and cooling systems so they remain operational for as long as possible.


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