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Updated: Mar 1

Understanding the Rescheck Calculation Methodology

So, how does Rescheck calculate energy efficiency compliance? It takes into account various factors, such as the building envelope (walls, roof, windows, doors), insulation values, heating and cooling systems, and lighting. As we know a Rescheck calculates the building's energy performance and compares it to the code requirements.

Common Challenges and Issues with Rescheck Compliance

Difficulties in Gathering Accurate Data

Another challenge is gathering accurate data required to develop a Rescheck Report. Sometimes, building plans or specifications may not provide all the necessary details, or there may be discrepancies in the information available. It's crucial to work with reliable sources and consult professionals when needed to ensure the data entered is as accurate as possible.

Addressing Non-Compliance and Finding Solutions

In the event that the compliance report reveals areas of non-compliance, it's essential to address and resolve these issues promptly. This may involve making adjustments to the building design, insulation, HVAC systems, or fenestration. Collaborating with professionals and experts can help find practical and cost-effective solutions to bring the building into compliance.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with Rescheck?

Non-compliance with Rescheck and energy codes can lead to various consequences, including delays in obtaining building permits, fines, or being required to make costly modifications to the building to meet compliance standards. It is important to ensure Rescheck compliance to avoid such issues and ensure the energy efficiency and sustainability of your residential construction project.

Case Study: A Real-Life Rescheck Example

Description of the Case Study Building

Rescheck Report

Consider a newly constructed office building in a bustling city. The building features large windows, an efficient HVAC system, and eco-friendly construction materials. It aims to achieve optimal energy efficiency and provide a comfortable workplace for its occupants.

Rescheck Compliance Process and Results

To ensure Rescheck compliance, the building's design and construction team submitted the necessary documentation and energy calculations to the local building authority. Rescheck software was used to analyze the building's energy performance and determine its compliance with energy codes and regulations. After meticulous evaluation, it was found that the building exceeded the required energy efficiency standards, making it an exemplary project in terms of energy conservation.

Best Practice for Code Compliance

Proper Documentation and Record-Keeping

To facilitate a smooth Rescheck compliance process, maintaining proper documentation and record-keeping is crucial. This includes keeping track of energy calculations, insulation values, HVAC system specifications, and any modifications made during the construction phase. Proper documentation not only helps demonstrate compliance but also serves as a valuable resource for any future energy audits or evaluations.

Collaborating with Design and Construction Team

Rescheck compliance is a collaborative effort that involves architects, engineers, contractors, and other members of the design and construction team. By fostering effective communication and collaboration, you can ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and understands the requirements for energy efficiency. This ensures a smoother compliance process and helps avoid potential issues or delays.

Evolving Energy Efficiency Standards and Regulations

Energy efficiency standards and regulations will continue to evolve as we strive for a more sustainable future. This means that Rescheck compliance requirements will also change over time. Staying abreast of these evolving standards and regulations will be crucial to ensure compliance and to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency in buildings. We here at Rescheck Review are always one step ahead in making sure all our reports are accurate and incompliance with all state mandated energy codes.


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