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How to Obtain a Rescheck Compliance Certificate for Your Building

Updated: Jan 23

How to Obtain a Rescheck Compliance Certificate for Your Building

Rescheck Compliance Certificate

When it comes to building structures, getting renovations done or anything of that sort you want to ensure that the compliance with energy efficiency standards and building codes is followed. And one of those ways to show that this is being done is through a Rescheck Compliance Certificate.

What Is a Rescheck Compliance Certificate?

A Rescheck Compliance Certificate is a document that will prove that your building complies with energy efficiency standards required by national and local building codes. It’s almost like a report card for your structure, it says “Yeah this building saves on energy and cuts down emissions.” But don’t think of it as just a document, consider it as a proof of commitment for a greener world.

Why Is This Important For Your Building?

Building Performance And Energy Efficiency

Firstly it’s going to make sure your structure works at its peak level of performance, this is going to help you save money on all your energy bills. Another thing it helps with is keeping you on the good side of both local and national building authorities.

Compliance With Building Codes From Both Local And National Governments

Using Rescheck compliance can also keep your project from having fines thrown at you since it helps make sure all the regulations and requirements are met.

How To Obtain One Step By Step

Getting Every Detail About The Building

You’re going to need information about insulation, windows, walls, HVAC systems etc. So imagine putting together these puzzle pieces where each one has an important detail about your building's energy efficiency features. Now when you gather all this information make sure not to forget any details and have them ready at any given moment if they need them. If for some reason when we do our analysis we find that your building doesn't fit right into code then don’t be worried. You might just have to upgrade insulation, optimize windows or tweak the HVAC system until it fits.

Bringing In a Certified Rescheck Compliance Specialist

Now that you’ve gathered every necessary information about the efficiency of your structure's components; including the insulation, windows, walls, and HVAC systems… it’s time to bring in a certified Rescheck compliance specialist. You know what they say. The more heads the better. And here at Rescheck Review we believe three heads are better than one.

Submitting Documents to the Code Office

After getting your report ready for submission, you want to make sure you take a good look at where or who to submit it to and how they want them submitted. A delay can come from simply not knowing how someone wants their documents presented.

Addressing Any Follow Up Requirements if Needed

Apart from what’s mandated by law, a Rescheck Compliance Certificate is what will show you just how efficient and well-performing your building really is. It’s no secret that this certificate is what you should be aiming to get. That’s why we’re giving you a step-by-step guide on how to get it. You’ll want to stick to this guide if success in the future is what you’re after. With all the necessary standards met, there will be nothing but smooth sailing for your project.

Always keep in mind that the required documents deserve your attention. Make sure they are properly filled out and collaborate with one of our specialists here at Rescheck Review. Once done, submit the documents to the relevant authorities where it’ll go through its final review

then given clearance that it can be built on.

By doing everything listed above, you’ll be participating in creating a future that follows building codes and is more sustainable too. Armed with knowledge like this, you’ll move forward confidently as you build or renovate your property knowing it’s energy efficient and compliant.

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