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Explaining a Rescheck to a Teenager!

Updated: May 19, 2023

A friend of mine who also works with me was recently asked by his 14 year old son what a rescheck actually was. So here is what we did. Reschecks are a document that outlines the energy efficiency requirements for a building, usually for the purpose of obtaining a building permit. Explaining this concept to a child can be challenging, but here is a creative way to approach the topic:

Start by asking the child if they know what it means to save energy. Talk about how we use energy every day, from turning on the lights to using appliances, and how this energy comes from different sources such as electricity or gas.

Introduce the concept of a rescheck by telling the child that when people want to build a new house or make big changes to an existing house, they have to follow certain rules to make sure that the house is energy efficient. A rescheck is like a list of these rules.

Use examples to illustrate the importance of energy efficiency. For instance, you can talk about how having a well-insulated house can keep the heat inside during the winter, which means that the heating system doesn't have to work as hard and we save money on our energy bills.

Emphasize that following these rules is important because it helps us save money, but also because it's good for the environment. Explain how reducing our energy consumption helps to reduce our carbon footprint, which in turn helps to reduce air pollution and fight climate change.

Finally, you can show the child some pictures of different houses and ask them to point out features that might make the house energy efficient. For example, they might notice solar panels on the roof, or double-paned windows. This can help to reinforce the concepts you've discussed and make the topic more tangible.

Overall, the key is to keep the explanation simple and use examples that are easy for a child to understand. By focusing on the benefits of energy efficiency and making the topic relatable, you can help the child to understand why a rescheck is an important part of building a new house or making changes to an existing one.

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